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What to do After a Cycling Accident

In a Cycling Accident? Do the Following

Accidents happen, and an unfortunate number of those accidents in Idaho involve cyclists versus other motor vehicles. These accidents are often severe, especially for the cyclist. With property damage, medical bills and quality of life hanging in the balance it is imperative that you do the following directly following an Idaho cycling accident.

  1. Alert the police and emergency professionals immediately –  You or others may have injuries. If there are injuries call emergency services immediately or have another party or witness make the call.  Even if there were no serious injuries, still call the police and don’t leave the scene of the accident until they arrive. The police will determine what happened, assure that contact and insurance information is exchanged, and file an accident report.
  2. Get your version of the accident to a police officer – Occasionally the police arriving at the scene of a cyclist vs. motorist accident will fail to get a description of what happened from the cyclist. For this reason, it is essential that you be proactive in talking to the officer and explain your version of how the accident happened. Make sure to take photos at the scene of the accident, especially documenting the damages to your bicycle.
  3. Secure contact and insurance information from all parties involved – Normally, the officer at the scene of the accident will facilitate the exchange of information between all involved parties. Accident scenes, however, can be hectic so be sure to obtain contact and insurance information from all parties involved. Having that information is essential to filing any claims on the accident.
  4. Take care of your injuries and document them– Always get medical treatment for any injuries, even if they don’t seem major. By receiving medical attention you create significant proof that you were injured, which will strengthen your case when seeking fair accident compensation. When possible, take photos of any physical evidence of bruising, lacerations, or broken bones. It’s a good idea to keep a daily injury log of your pains and injuries following your accident.
  5. Get legal counsel from an experienced Idaho cycling accident attorney – The legal complexities involved in accidents between bikes and cars in Idaho are best maneuvered by an experienced personal injury attorney. The at-fault insurance companies are often quick to place blame on a cyclist even when the cyclist was keeping the law. An experienced Idaho cycling accident attorney from Craig Swapp & Associates will:
  • Take care of all negotiations with the insurance companies on your behalf
  • Do everything in their power to secure you a fair and complete settlement
  • Manage all aspects of your case so that you can focus on getting better

Get in touch with an experienced Idaho cycling accident lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates today by calling us at 800-404-9000 or tell us more about your case by submitting the online form below.